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Georgetown Diploma Frame, No Picture (GDF1)
Georgetown Diploma Frame (GFL-10)
Georgetown Front Lawn Framed (GFLWV)

My name is Darren Craft. That's me on the far right of the caricature. As a second generation Hoya and one of three brothers to have recently graduated from Georgetown, the school holds a special place in my heart. The Georgetown Front Lawn has long been both a gathering place for the university’s students and the vista by which the school is identified. Since my junior year of college (4 years ago), I have been envisioning and slowly progressing towards a panoramic photo of our beloved front lawn. I am excited to make this photo available to the Georgetown community and hope that you too will proudly hang this photo in your home or office as I have.

I never got a diploma frame when I graduated two years ago. Now, I am happy I waited. This thing looks great.

Kyle VanFleet, MSB Class of 2008

That's a beautiful photo.

Jack DeGoia, Georgetown President

This is the real deal. What an awesome idea.

Jeff Green's Dad, Casual Hoya

Georgetown's front lawn is the face of the university. This product is a must have.

Phil Perry, Former VOICE Editor